Kajan Johnson Bio

Ragin' Kajan Johnson grew up on T'sil Kaz Koh First Nation in the small northern village of Burns Lake BC. He lived there until getting expelled from the only local high school forced him to move to the neighboring city of Prince George. It was here, at the age of 17 that Kajan became a professional fighter. He had never really been a tough guy on the street, more of a scrappy kid with a big mouth. Also he had no previous martial arts training. While most professionals have experience in wrestling, boxing or jiu-jitsu, Kajan had experience in skateboarding and attempting to back up his mouth to the usually larger, older skids and jocks of the rough neck city of P.G. One day, after getting an invite from a friend, Kajan joined the PG Fight Club and began his career under the tutelage of Bill "The Butcher" Mahood. PG fight club wasn't a fancy gym, it was a place where a couple of guys would meet up and prepare to go fight guys in other towns who were doing the same thing. There wasnt a wealth of knowledge in this place of humble beginings, but there was hard work and lots of it. Any success, however limited, in the beginning of his career was attributed to this hard work and the heart that the young fighter possessed.

Kajan fought out of the PG Fight club until late 2005 when he moved to Vancouver BC in search of greater knowledge and technique. He hooked up with former Commonwealth Champion boxer Tony 'Kid Fire' Pep, Commonwealth gold medalist wrestler Nicholas Ugoalah, five time world champion jiu-jitsu master Bibiano Fernandes, and K-1 fighter Paul Lalonde and the Revolution Fortress training facility. Kajan always had an incredible work ethic and did whatever he needed to do in order to become the best he could be. As the academies janitor/handyman Kajan would spend all day at the gym cleaning, landscaping and of course training. Now with this work ethic combined with high level technique he began to flourish as a fighter racking up first round wins and earning a shot at the KOTC lightweight title against the young up and comer (now UFC top contender) Rory Macdonald. Unfortunately Kajan lost a hard fought, back and forth war, the fight being stopped by the ref in the third round for a nasty gash above his eyebrow. Through this war he learned the final lesson to becoming a complete fighter and martial artist. He finally realized how important the mental and spiritual aspects of fighting are and through a lot of deep looking and soul searching he learned how to train and hone them. After learning this final lesson Kajan went on a tear, winning and defending the coveted XMMA Canadian title (at the time this was the largest show in the country) in spectacular fashion. In 2009 the XMMA organization went bankrupt so Kajan began fighting for the Maximum Fighting Championship, quickly rising up the ranks with exciting wins over the likes of Ryan Healy, Josh Russel and Ultimate fighter alumni Richie Whitson.

During the training camp for Richie Whitson Kajan spent two weeks at the famed Tristar Gym to prepare and liked it so much that one month after the fight he decided to move into the Tristar Dorms and immerse himself in the system. Everything looked like it was finally going right. He was at the best gym with the best sparring partners, was on a winning streak over some good names and it looked like he could be the next Canadian called up to the UFC. Still under contract with the MFC, Kajan booked a fight with well respected, UFC vet Rich Clementi. He was in great shape and went into camp very optimistic. However, life isnt always as we expect it and on the very first day of sparring since signing the fight he received a blowout fracture to the left orbital from heavyweight Moise Rimbon. No stranger to adversity, Kajan took the time off to further update and develop his technical game under the tutelage of Tristars general Firas Zahabi, coach of the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre. After the injury Kajan was out for almost a year but never stopped working to further his skill set. Once he was healed and ready to step into the cage once again he found it very difficult to find an opponent willing to take on a fighter with the thirty fight record he had amassed over the past decade of competition. With fight after fight falling through he has now made the decision to put the minor league's out of his mind and focuses on what he believes will be his way into the UFC, The Ultimate Fighter.

Ragin Kajan is now preparing to try out for TUF Nations Canada vs Australia which will happen in September of 2013 In Toronto Canada. If he makes it he will be representing his country in the toughest tournament on the planet. It seems that all has happened for a reason, everything he has learned and gone through in life has culminated at this point, and he is ready.